Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mobile Dental Clinic

For several years now, GSC has been partnering with Medical Teams International (MTI) to bring one of their mobile dental clinics to Tent City 3. Every month or two, MTI employee Ellen Broyles maneuvers this incredible vehicle through the city to wherever Tent City is being hosted at the moment. The mobile-home-sized clinic includes two complete dental suites and comes complete with X-ray machines, autoclave, and a waiting room.

In this dental clinic, two volunteer dentists and dental assistants can provide care for 12-20 campers in a day, treating cavities and extracting teeth when necessary. Sometimes we are lucky to have a dental hygienist on the van, providing important prophylaxis to people who have often not had the opportunity for a dental cleaning in years.

 Greater Seattle Cares pays $400 for each visit of the dental van. If you would like to support this important endeavor, make an earmarked donation today.