Sunday, May 6, 2012

Homeless Poetry, by Matt Barrett

Matthew R. Barrett (2/8/65 - 9/2/14)
A View from the Street, by Matthew R. Barrett
A View from the Street is a book of poetry written by a man who has lived on the streets off and on for much of his adult life. This book includes Matt's poetry, articles about Matt and letters to Matt from former President Clinton and more.

In addition to Matt's encounters with homelessness, Matt has also battled 11 types of cancer since he was just two years old and has endured over 1,700 surgeries. In 2011, he was a Special Guest at the Invisible Disabilities Association's Honor Awards Banquet, where he shared some of his journey.

 He was also chosen to be featured in Seattle freelance photographer's photo essay called Walking with Giant.

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