Saturday, November 19, 2016

Two of our camps have some special needs. Can you help?

To all our faithful supporters!

Two of our camps have some special needs. Can you help? If so, you can deliver directly to the camps, deliver to our President’s home in Shoreline, or we’ll even come and pick up your donation. Contact us at if you’d like a pick-up.

Thank you for all your support of Greater Seattle Cares and the residents of Seattle’s transitional encampments!
Greater Seattle Cares Board of Directors

Camp Second Chance, located at 9625 Myers Way S. in West Seattle, is expanding to accommodate more people living homeless. They are in need of:

  • Tents – singles (8’x10’), doubles (10’x12’), and family tents (9’x15’)
  • Tarps – 16’x20’, 20’x24’, 18’x30’
  • Plywood –4’x8’ one-half inch sheets
  • Cash donations to pay for gasoline for the generator and propane for a gas heater
  • Cots

Camp United We Stand, located at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church at 722 N 145th St in Shoreline, is also expanding. They are now at their limit at 35 residents, but they need tent sites for the new residents. They are in need of:

  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • Plywood - 4’x8’ one-half inch sheets
  • Pallets – 4’x4’

Thursday, November 3, 2016

What’s New with GSC?

New Tents and Tarps have been delivered! 

Thanks to our generous donors we were able to fill all the tent requests we received from Tent City 3, Camp United We Stand, and Camp Unity Eastside. We also provided them with a new heavy-duty tarp for each tent, and even carport tents that were requested for communal areas. These arrived just ahead of the recent heavy rains. Thanks to our donors for making this possible.
As the Seattle winter weather sets in, all the camps will be looking for winter clothing, boots, raingear, blankets, sleeping bags, batteries for flashlights and lanterns, and hand warmers. Large men’s clothing is always in need. We are looking into how to provide Goodwill Store vouchers to campers and will let you know once the process is in place.

Here are the current locations of the camps we support and their identified supply lists: 

Currently at: The George, 2212 NE 125th St, Seattle, WA 98125
Next move: TC3’s next move will be on December 17th to the University of Washington.
Requests: TC3 is asking for ponchos and rubber boots.
News: The camp is using a generator for power while staying at The George and GSC has been providing the gas. We recently replaced all five of their old, unsafe gas cans with brand new ones. GSC will also be hosting the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental Clinic at TC3 on November 19.

Camp United We Stand (CUWS) 
Currently at: Richmond Congregational United Church of Christ, 1512 Northwest 195th St. Shoreline, WA 98177, (206) 637-1052
Next move: CUWS is moving on Wednesday 11/7 to St. Dunstan’s Episcopal, located at 722 N. 145th St in Shoreline. The City of Shoreline permit has been delivered to the camp and the host.
Requests: CUWS is hoping for help with supplies for this upcoming move: garbage bags to keep belongings dry, gorilla tape, zip ties, etc. They have already enlisted the help of two non-profits with the loan of moving trucks. You can help defray the costs by move supplies by making a donation to Greater Seattle Cares and earmarking the gift for this purpose.
News: GSC has provided 750 feet of privacy fencing and 32 2x4s so that the camp can enclose the larger area they have available to them at St. Dunstan’s.

Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) 
Currently at: The Carol Edwards Center, 17401 133rd Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072
Next move: CUE will be moving this weekend, the 5-6 of November to Kirkland Congregational Church.
Requests: As with Camp United We Stand, CUE is hoping for help with supplies for this upcoming move. You can help defray the costs by move supplies by making a donation to Greater Seattle Cares and earmarking the gift for this purpose.

Camp Second Chance 
Currently at: Myers Way S, West Seattle
Next move: None planned
News: GSC supported this camp when it was first formed and then, for various reasons, had to withdraw that support. Recently, however, GSC was back in touch with this camp and found it to have stabilized significantly. While camping on public land due to the lack of a church willing to host the camp, the residents have won the support of the neighbors and even the police with their exemplary behavior and clean site. They are even starting a fund raising effort (see below) to help defray the costs of gasoline for their generator, the portable toilets and garbage collection! Impressed by the residents’ initiative and responding to the camp’s request, GSC has reinstated Camp Second Chance among the camps that we support. Here is link to the camp’s website.
Welcome back, Camp Second Chance!

CSC is selling polo shirts to support the camp. Here is their logo, designed by a CSC resident, showing a lucky 4-leaf clover.

Come down to camp and buy one!

If you would like more detail on this or any topic, please contact

Thank you all for your support and especially your big hearts and generous spirits in doing what you can to help those experiencing homelessness.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What’s New with GSC?

We have great news!

All the encampments have been requesting new tents. This is especially important as they prepare for the rainy cold winter weather. With some recent generous donations and a grant from the Fales foundation GSC has been able to make a large bulk purchase of new tents and tarps for Tent City 3, Camp Unity Eastside and Camp United We Stand. Not only will we be able to fulfill the tent requests we have received, but we’ll also have additional tents to donate when new requests come in. These tents include singles, doubles, and family-size tents along with tarps for each, which make the tents last about twice as long. We have also purchased some carport tents, which the camps use for their public spaces, such as the Kitchen Tent, the Donations Tent and the Security Tent.

With winter not far away, waterproof shelter is not the only thing the camps will be needing. Winter clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, batteries for flashlights, lanterns and hand warmers will also soon be in great demand. Also, a hot meal can go a long way toward keeping someone warm in cold weather. Have you thought about cooking a meal for a camp near you? Check our the meal page on our website!

Here are the current locations of the camps we formally support and some needs that we are aware of.

Tent City 3 (TC3) is currently at The George in North Seattle.
2212 NE 125th St, Seattle, WA 98125

TC3 will be at this site until mid-late December, when it will move to the campus of the University of Washington.

Requests: TC3 is asking for men’s clothing and work boots.

Also, the camp does not have access to power while staying at the George and is using a generator. Gas for the generator will be an ongoing expense while in this location. If you’d like to help, you can either go to camp and offer to fill up a gas can, or you can make a donation to GSC with an earmark for that purpose.

Camp Unity Eastside (CUE) is currently at the Carol Edwards Center in Woodinville.
17401 133rd Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072

The camp will stay at the Carol Edwards Center until November 9.

Camp United We Stand (CUWS) is currently at the Richmond Beach Congregational United Church of Christ in Shoreline.
1512 Northwest 195th St. Shoreline, WA 98177
(206) 637-1052

CUWS is planning to move on 11/6 to St. Dunstan’s in Shoreline.

On Wednesday, October 5th, at 7:00 pm there will be a meeting at St. Dunstan’s Church to discuss plans to host. Camp residents and members of their Board will be present to address questions or concerns from the neighborhood. You are invited to come and to ask any questions you may have. St. Dunstan’s is located at 722 N 145th St, Shoreline, WA 98133.

Requests: UWS is hoping for men’s and women’s long johns (e.g. UnderArmor) socks, boxer briefs and other clothing.

Other Topics of Interest:

It’s nothing new to say that the answer to homelessness is to provide homes for people who have none. It’s also not news that the Puget Sound region does not have enough low-income housing. So, while people wait to get into housing, our area’s number of encampments has grown from two to ten. Seattle’s Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) has been experimenting with a better solution though: semi-permanent Tiny House Villages. A Tiny House is defined as a building with less than 120 square feet (e.g. 10’ x 12’), sometimes with electricity. A Tiny House Village includes a number of these small homes with a shared kitchen and bathrooms. This week, members of GSC will be meeting with representatives from LIHI to tour one of their tiny house communities and learn what is involved in hosting one. We will soon be reaching out to see if any of our church contacts would consider allowing LIHI to build some Tiny Houses on their property.

If you would like more details on any of these topics please contact

Thank you all for your support and especially your big hearts and generous spirits in doing what you can to help those experiencing homelessness.

Friday, September 30, 2016

SHARE's Shelter Board presents the Harvest Auction October 8.

SHARE's Shelter Board has asked us to share this information:

The Shelter Board
presents the
14th Annual Harvest Auction
and Dinner

Saturday, October 8
Doors open at 3:30pm

Mountaineers Club
7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle

Ed Mast as MC
Special Guest Speakers
Entertainment by Seattle SeaChordsmen

Buffet Dinner provided by Pyramid Catering

To register

For more information

From 1903 to 2016 -- what's changed?

Jack London, in 1903, wrote a book titled, "People of the Abyss."

You can find it here. It includes pictures -- black and white, but pictures -- of the deplorable conditions found there.

In over a hundred years, nothing much has changed. We still see the same conditions in many "civilized" countries, "modern" cities, and "technologically advanced" areas. Silicon Valley. The Bay Area. Greater Seattle.

Here's a quote...
Tenements spring up like magic, gardens are built upon, villas are divided and subdivided into many dwellings, and the black night of London settles down in a greasy pall.
Has anything really changed? The names, the faces, the locations...

But still, today, we have corporations, faceless entities, buying buildings that people less well-off can live in, and replacing them with 38-story skyrises -- where those same people cannot afford to live. This creates homelessness.

Hasn't changed a bit.

And the conditions of the ghettos haven't changed much either. Landlords still try to suck every last penny out of the pockets of their tenants. Even landlords ostensibly trying to do the right thing.

Perhaps we should do something about that. What, I'm not sure. But something.

Monday, August 29, 2016

What's New with GSC

Here are the current locations of the camps we formally support and some needs that we are aware of.
Please remember when the weather gets hot, that all the camps can use ice.

Tent City 3 (TC3)
St. Josephs Parish
732 18th Ave E., Seattle, WA 98112

TC3 is moving this weekend to “The George”, which used to be St. George’s Episcopal Church at 2212 NE 125th St, Seattle, WA 98125.  Come help out with the move, at either end. Pick-up trucks, bottled water and willing hands all gratefully welcomed!

TC3 is asking for tents, printer paper and #63 cartridges for their HP inkjet printer. They can always use disposable items like garbage bags as well.

Camp Unity Eastside (CUE)
Carol Edwards Center
17401 133rd Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072

The camp is doing well and will stay at the Carol Edwards Center until November 9.

They have been growing beautiful vegetables for the camp to use.

The Woodinville YMCA has been very supportive of CUE during their stay. They have been soliciting donations on their behalf and have been allowing the campers to use their showers.

United We Stand (UWS)

Richmond Beach Congregational United Church of Christ
1512 Northwest 195th St. Shoreline, WA 98177

UWS has a new camp phone provided by GSC.  You can reach the camp at (206) 637-1052.

Camp Second Chance

Camp Second Chance is currently at an unpermitted site on public land known as Meyer’s Parcels
9625 Myers Way S. Seattle, WA 98108

Due to a series of circumstances, including this camp’s distance from GSC’s base of operations in North Seattle, GSC is no longer able to formally support this camp. However, Camp Second Chance is being supported by Patacara Community Services, a non-profit organization that also supports Camp Liberty.

Other Topics of Interest
  • Fall is quickly approaching, and all the camps will need new tents.  Tents typically last a year or less as most are not designed to be used 365 days a year. There is a sense of urgency to procure tents before the fall rains and cold weather starts.
GSC, with grant money received from the Fales foundation will be purchasing as many tents as possible.  A typical two-person tent can cost $80 to $100 and we have funds earmarked for about 25 tents. Let us know if you know of any resources for procuring sturdy tents or if you know of a group that would like to make project of raising funds for tents.  Some of the camps have needs for larger tents or even the tent carports.
  • We recently made contact with the Lyons organization regarding their program for supplying eye glasses for people who cannot afford them.We hope to set up a visit to TC3 in the near future.
If you would like more details on any of these topics please contact and we will respond.
While homelessness continues to grow in our area, we are heartened to meet so many people who care and who are willing to give their time and talent to do what they can to help.

Thank you all, and thank you for caring about the camps. :)