Monday, June 13, 2016

Tent City 3, upcoming move

Tent City 3 is moving on June 18!

 to St. Joseph's Catholic Parish on Capitol Hill (19th & Aloha).

Moving is one of the hardest things any camp has to do, and the larger it is, the harder it is. Moving is also expensive. Greater Seattle Cares is covering the cost of truck rental for 2 days, up to $500, instead of covering other move supplies (Tent City 3 requested this).

At the Tent City hosting committee meeting at St. Joseph's, Tent City 3 folks asked donors to give them Home Depot gift cards to help cover the cost of other move supplies. People interested in this should call Marvin Futrell, the Tent City Organizer, at 206-448-7889.

They're also going to need help Friday and Saturday at St. Joseph's, so call and volunteer.

Those who'd like to help Greater Seattle Cares can donate to us!