Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Special Day at Tent City 3

Saturday was a special day at Tent City 3.

Medical Teams International once again brought their mobile dental clinic to the camp.

Under the skillful coordination of MTI Royalty Ellen Broyles, thirteen TC3 residents received urgent dental care at the skilled hands of Dr. Marc Fairbanks and dental assistant Lora Ewing, while dental hygienist Patsy Cosgrove did the dental cleanings.

“She’s a real artist,” said one camper as he left her chair.

Also, the camp received an incredible donation from Joint Base Lewis-McChord of 600 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). These military rations are self-contained, self-heating, and have a shelf life of 17 years – and I can attest that they are actually pretty tasty! They also brought a donation from Animal World Rescue: 640 lbs of dog food to help keep the camp’s pets as well-fed as their human companions. This donation was arranged by a wonderful young woman who volunteers with Animal World Rescue and her husband, who works at JBLM.

The visitors were given a tour of the camp, and they stayed for several hours discussing with camp leaders how other items that are sometimes scheduled for disposal at JBLM could be used by the homeless encampments in the Puget Sound region. What a great connection with two big-hearted people with very practical brains! 

Many, many thanks to our JBLM/AWR friends!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 One Night Count: 21% increase in homelessness

Greater Seattle Cares Board members participated in the one night count. The count has gone up from the year before by 21%. A lot of effort is made to make the count accurate.

We know that not every homeless person is counted. What is clear is that counting the same places in the same way every year can show us if there are more homeless people in our community than there was the year before.

FULL ARTICLE: 2015 One Night Count by Huffington Post