Friday, January 19, 2018

January 2018 Updates

Greater Seattle Cares: What’s New?

Our GSC Board

We are excited to introduce two new Board Members. Alice Marshall is our new Board president and brings many years of experience working with non-profit organization and a whole host of administrative skills. In addition, Carola von Wrangel has joined our board. Carola also works extensively with an organization called “Food for the Poor,” that provides relief and development aid to hungry people, mainly in the Caribbean. Both Alice and Carola have been volunteering with the St. Dunstan’s meal program providing a weekly meal to camps TC3, TC5, and UWS as well as a Community meal and have developed relationships with many of our volunteers and campers. You can see pictures and read more about all the board members on our website.
We would like to thank Frances Posel and Roger Franz for their service to us. Both have provided wise guidance and we will truly miss their presence on our board.
Cindy Roat, our former president still remains in the organization with her passion to serve those experiencing homelessness. She is already drafting proposals for Greater Seattle Cares activities this year. Cindy in many ways has been our heart and soul and she continues to support GSC and all our campers.

Greater Seattle Cares: What’s not new?

With the changes to our board, the thing that has not changed is our mission to provide relief to those experiencing homelessness through providing camp infrastructure, food, supplies, access to health services and most importantly, by building friendships. If you google “Greater Seattle Cares” the following statement appears: “Greater Seattle Cares envisions a world without homelessness…” May it be so!

Greater Seattle Cares: What are our current needs?

With the drop in temperature and the recent wind and rain storms, we need to focus on cold weather needs.
Camp United We Stand Move - UWS has moved to St. Dunstan’s in Shoreline as of November 18th. Stop by and say hello or lend a hand if you are able.
Tents and Tarps - A tent used year round only lasts about a year. With Cindy Roat’s help, we are working on a schedule and budget for replacing tents as they wear out. Recently, GSC provided nine new tents to Tent City 3, but we know all the camps will be needing tents, especially during the cold weather. In addition to the tents, in order to protect the tent and to avoid leaks, durable tarps are also needed. Some of the camps are also experimenting with using canopies over the tents. The tents also sit on pallets that are covered with plywood. Once soaked through, that plywood and pallets do not last many months.
Coats and warm clothing - Now that it is cold, any cold weather clothing we can provide, especially coats, is a blessing. Keep in mind that a lot of campers are larger men. New undergarments are always appreciated.
Blankets and Bedding - It is also important to make sure the campers have ample bedding and the ability to wash it. Each camp has its own arrangements, but they sometimes need assistance with obtaining these donations. They also need occasional help with transportation to the laundry facilities and with funds to wash the bedding.
Batteries -The short days mean more flashlights will be used and that means batteries.

Current Camp Hosts and Locations

Tent City 3 - Seattle Pacific University, McKenna Hall, between W. Bertona St. and W. Nickerson St, Seattle
United We Stand - St. Dunstans Church, 722 N 145th St, Shoreline, WA 98133
Tent City 4 - Mary Queen of Peace 1121 228th Ave SE, Sammamish, WA 98075
Tent City 5 - Interbay Neighborhood in Ballard, 1601 15th Ave. W (cross street Garfield, under the Magnolia Bridge), Seattle, WA 98119
Licton Springs Village - Private Property belonging to the Low Income Housing Institute, 8620 Aurora Ave N just south of Seattle Fabrics
Camp Unity Eastside - Saint Teresa of Calcutta 17856 NE Woodinville Duvall Rd, Woodinville WA 98077
Camp Second Chance - Public Property in White Center, 9625 Myers Way S. Seattle, WA 98108
Nicklesville Othello -7 544 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Seattle, WA
Nicklesville Union - Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, 22nd and E Union, Seattle, WA
Nickelsville Georgetown -1 000 S. Myrtle St., Seattle, WA

A Personal Reflection:

Carola von Wrangel

Our news is full of stories of homelessness, generally with the heading of “what are we going to do about the homeless situation in the Seattle area?” After New York City and Los Angeles, Seattle has the third largest homeless population. As much as it is an honor to work with GSC serving the needs of the homeless, those needs and the stories seem almost overwhelming.
Every Tuesday I serve in the Community Dinner program at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church. We glean, cook and feed over 400 people each week, including providing for several encampments served by Greater Seattle Cares. On a recent Tuesday, one of the people we serve came to me with his story: He is employed, and technically not homeless. But he pays $2000 per month for his motel room, leaving no money for food, so the hot meals he receives are such a blessing. He repeated: “SUCH A BLESSING! THANK YOU!” The man is unable to pay first and last month rent plus security deposit to get into an apartment. And as we know, rents in the greater Seattle area are prohibitive. This man stays one step ahead of homelessness because of people who care, who donate, and who serve. Carola has come to Greater Seattle Cares by way of assisting one of many programs supported by our gleaners. Our gleaners ferry thousands of goods to the camps we support, as well as programs supporting those on the verge of homelessness. These gleaned goods would otherwise be disposed of.

Thank you!

We thank you for participating in the mission of Greater Seattle Cares. Thank you for caring! And thank you for your donations of money, time, goods, and relationships. Your caring brings hope and change to those we serve. For more information please visit us on the web. Greater Seattle Cares.

PO Box 77815, Shoreline WA, 98177